The weekends are a kind of purging for me. All the emotions pent up during the week, tucked beneath the surface, ignored, taken for granted. Week days bustle. There’s a lot of faces, a lot of excitement. Preoccupied with the next thing to do, I never really stop to feel. I put on a show…… Continue reading Weekends


Beloved, if on a windy evening you stand on your toes at the end of the road that leads to your heart and don’t see the top of my Afro bouncing home; if you crane your neck and call my name and stomp your feet and untie your wrapper and retie it, looser, without the…… Continue reading Beloved


Some memories you want to keep. Like last night when you felt so much love. It doesn’t happen everytime so the first thing you do when it’s over is write it out. In longhand because that’s always better. The pen scratches away. You do not cancel a thing. The light from the lamp casts your…… Continue reading Memory