WhatsApp Conversation

I have a lot of friends who encourage me by reading my works. One of them is Abimbola Olayeni, who was my course mate in school. Recently, I sent her a memoir piece I’d written. (If you’ve not read it, click here ) After she read it, we had a long conversation on WhatsApp, which I found both enlightening and ridiculously funny. Below is an excerpt from that conversation. The excerpt begins from after she’s read the work. (Note: Ignore the grammatical or spelling errors. It was a chat.)

Abimbola: Nice one

Atanda Obatolu: You done read am now now?😱

Abimbola: Yes nw😂😂😂😂. Y r u surprised oh 😂😂😂😂

Atanda Obatolu: It was just too quick. I guess you must be a very fast reader

Abimbola: Yup I am 😂😂😂😂

Atanda Obatolu: Nice..

Abimbola: I liked it sha. Especially d part about wat u think Chimamanda would react to dat bike man intentionally wanting to touch d lady’s breast. I always think there should be a law against such act. Nd all those agbero nd Ibo boys in Lagos market dat would see a gal nd want to hold her. Nd also say rubbish. One had d guts to ask me if an ibo boy has never fucked me. At balogun market, simply becos I told him Nt to touch me

Atanda Obatolu: Omg…did you slap him?

Abimbola: I wanted to oh .. na one old woman hold me oh nd begged me to leave him alone. Cos I outrightly told him I will slap him if he dare touch me. Yaba Market own nko. I just tire for naija oh. One of my roommates actually slapped one of those Ibo boys in Yaba Market. He sha slapped her back. Na so gobe start. Those women had to beg her to leave

Atanda Obatolu: wow..I never knew people like that actually exist

Abimbola: They do oh

Atanda Obatolu: wow… Thanks for the education

Abimbola: Even dat side at Jibowu where u cn board buses going to Abuja. I had to avoid passing dat side. One called me Ashewo

Atanda Obatolu: Around that Chicken Republic side?

Abimbola: Yup. Simply becos I didn’t answer him.

Atanda Obatolu: God…guys are so fucking insane..

Abimbola: Me I don’t know d kind of orientation they have oh. Lols 😂😂😂😂. Another guy was asking me: You be virgin, wey dey shout say make we no touch u.

 Atanda Obatolu: Lmao! How do you girls deal with this?

Abimbola: Me I will just walk away and refuse to reply them, cos if u do dey will continue.

Atanda Obatolu: Yeah..

Abimbola: And their colleagues will join them to insult u.

Atanda Obatolu: I never knew how lucky I am to be a guy.

Abimbola: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Atanda Obatolu: And thank god I’m not like those rubbish guys

Abimbola: Seriously

Abimbola: It doesn’t suit u sef. D way some guys will talk about gals body figure nko as if na mere object 😂😂😂😂

Atanda Obatolu: Lmao. I thought you girls liked that one,

Abimbola: Nt me. I don’t find it funny wen guys walk up to me nd tell ehen my back side is making dem to masturbate. Or ‘ur back side is killing’.

Atanda Obatolu: wow…do they actually do that?

Abimbola: There is a way a guy will appreciate a gal’s figure and will nt sound off.

Atanda Obatolu: yh…that’s true. Like the way I do it

Abimbola: Yup

Atanda Obatolu: :):)


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