Silent Fight (Poetry)

Last night the sky shed its stars like tears.

We had a fight. The breeze didn’t blow.

You said you wouldn’t come back;

those words were the devil’s hammer;

shattered my soul and pinned down my heart

beneath the rubble, like paperweight.

I tried to argue. You argued too.

We yelled silently at each other,

I was Ali – heartbroken Ali,

practiced in the art of brawl.

‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.’

Your hands have hit what your eyes can’t see.


What evil drove Romeo?

What madness spurred Jack?

What evil was Helen, temptress of man?


This morning the birds are twittering.

I can hear mother talking below.

I wait for you to say something. You don’t.

Soon I wipe off our silent fight, silently.


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