What Kids Know of Life (Poetry)

​These unruly kids know

as much of the world as

a man will ever find out

of the inner wishes of his wife.

Life is but a pitch

and the sunset is their ball.

One, two, on three, go!

The whistle commences the match.

The better is the laugh:

a good time is a good bargain.

Add to that the dangerous sweetness

of being unobliged.

The expectation: life is

far-off in the future – ten, maybe

fifteen years. With the present past and

the future pulled near.

In the morrow, fresh and fragrant

like lilly laid lightly beside breakfast,

but rowdy rather than calm.

Life is but loud.

The reality: life is right here.

Behind their backs, like grandpa’s ghost.

Before them like a wondrous spectacle,

only they’re blind to see.


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