Dedications by Ifeoluwa Jinadu – #WhenWritersWrite

You’re not here with me but you’re kind of here because I’m looking at you even as I write. You’re not moving or talking and frankly I’m glad that for once you can be frozen in front of me. I can take in all your beauty and just stare in awe (please don’t puke). 


Two Times I Had the Eureka Moment

In the week before that day, I’d read Chimamanda Adichie’s new book, “Dear Ijeawele”, and also watched her say in an interview that gender isn’t biology but sociology, and as I watched the children play, the girls running, the boys chasing, or, sometimes, the boys running and the girls chasing, a thought formed in my mind: ‘Children are gender blind. That’s how they’re born. That’s how they play.’

Coal City Stories by Jerry Chiemeke – #WhenWritersWrite,

  Still on the #WhenWritersWrite Project. My friend Jerry’s Coal City Stories is about a town and, well, love. (Don’t we all write about love?) It’s been one of those days. Yeah, that kind of day when I’m left feeling undervalued, undermined, feeling that I deserve better than what I’m getting from these tyrants who call…… Continue reading Coal City Stories by Jerry Chiemeke – #WhenWritersWrite,