Coal City Stories by Jerry Chiemeke – #WhenWritersWrite,

  Still on the #WhenWritersWrite Project. My friend Jerry’s Coal City Stories is about a town and, well, love. (Don’t we all write about love?) It’s been one of those days. Yeah, that kind of day when I’m left feeling undervalued, undermined, feeling that I deserve better than what I’m getting from these tyrants who call…… Continue reading Coal City Stories by Jerry Chiemeke – #WhenWritersWrite,

A Certain Last Kiss

When she left she broke me. I remember writing to her, You were my confidence. Now, you’re gone. I’ll never be brave again. And I believed it then. The whole world became bland and absurd, daunting even, and I lost interest in everything. If I’d been brave, I would have tried to end my life; but I was not brave. Most morning, I curled up in bed and wished I didn’t have to face the day.